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Free sales advertisement :

Add as many sales ads as you want.

  • Ad for free, no fees to add.
  • We do not ask for exclusivity : You can use MYFOUNDRYCORNER in addition to other sales channels.
  • We manage both the creation and publication of your advert and put it online for you.
  • We filter all buyer demands and we forward them all technical details relating to your sale.
  • We offer a multi-language communication.
  • We both filter and qualify all buyer enquiries.
  • Once the buyer is qualified, you get in touch with the buyer directly, to close the deal :
    • No sale no cost ! If you do not sell with MYFOUNDRYCORNER you do not pay anything.
    • We are paid by our performance, we only take a commission when you sell with us.
  • The contract for a deal is made directly between seller and buyer.

Commission scale MYFOUNDRYCORNER :

Sales price net to the seller :

< 20 000 euros
6 %
20 000 – 50 000 euros
5 %
50 000 – 100 000 euros
4 %
> 100 000 euros
3,5 %

Cash Advertising :

You pay an amount per advert, depending of the sales price of your product.

  • No commission on your sale.
  • You only pay the amount of a sales ad.
  • You upload and modify your advert yourself.
  • All buyer enquiries are sent directly to you.
  • Select the best potential buyers yourself.
  • No help through the entire process.

The rate depends on the sales price of your property:

100.00  HT

€2001 – €20000

150.00  HT

20 001 € – 50 000 €

200.00  HT

€50 001 – €100 000

250.00  HT

> €100 001

255.00  HT

No cost

Duration of postings:
Duration of a free posting: 90 days starting from the date the posting went online. Duration of a paid posting: 1 year starting from the date the posting appeared online.
  • Featured Ad Option Pack cost 50 € HT

    The "featured" pack is a paid option that costs €50. This option is valid for any paid or free ad. It lets any seller who purchases the option to immediately put that ad at the top of the list of results, as if it had just been put online. This option is valid for a duration limited to a maximum of 30 days starting from the date that this option is purchased.

  • Option to extend the ad cost 15 € HT

    This option allows you to extend the duration of your ad. It is valid for any ad for a duration limited to 30 days maximum starting from the ad's end date. This is a paid option that costs 15 euros, and it can be activated for a single ad as many times as the seller wishes.

The options’ duration is set by the date of the end of a posting and can therefore not exceed a posting’s expiration date.

Credits account

Easy, quick, practical, and economical!

When you purchase credits, you are pre-loading your Foundry Account in the amount you want.

You'll no longer need to enter your banking information whenever you submit an ad or make a purchase on the site.

You'll save time, money, and better manage your budget.


The following credit amounts are indicated including tax.

100.00  HT

€10 free

300.00  HT

€30 free

500.00  HT

€55 free

800.00  HT

€96 free